Appliance Recycling for Free

Almost every company that does business dealing with appliances removal and appliance pick up will charge you to come to your home or place of business to remove your appliances. This is because most companies look at your situation as a chance to make a quick buck. And you yourself feel that your are in a losing situation because you think that you have something that no one wants to come get unless you pay them. Think again Maytag Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

Believe it or not, your old and broken appliances are needed by someone else for parts or just scrap metal. There are many components in a washer or dryer that has value to it. Therefore we will focus on these two appliances to give you an example of the value of having a broken washer or dryer. The many parts contained in these two appliances as you will see are very important to a used appliance store or someone who specializes in appliance repair.

For instance, the timer. This device if ordered off of the internet can cost up to 150 dollars if not more. Yet that old washer or old dryer that you are begging someone to come get has a fully functional one that can be used in someones washing machine or dryer. An ordinary used timer can be sold for up to 100 dollars. The motor inside of a washer or dryer can cost a pretty penny as well. eBay has many motors on sale for up to 100 dollars for a washer or a dryer. One of the most common parts to go out in a washer is the transmission. This part will set you back at least 150 dollars as well if you order it off of the internet. Other parts in a washer include the door lid switch that costs 35 dollars, the hot and cold water intake valve runs about 45 dollars, the couplings that connect the motor to the transmission is about 29 dollars and so on. Even the capacitor in the back of the washer has value.

So who would be interested in picking up these appliances.

As stated above the appliance repair store or your local used appliance store are your most likely people would be willing to pick up these appliance for free. Therefore you should only deal with these people or businesses when trying to get rid of your old and broken appliances.

Scrap appliance pickup people (scrappers)

Scrappers will also come to get your appliances for free but many of them do not know anything about appliance repair. So when you have appliances that are not worth anything to them they may leave you hanging. For instances most scrappers will not travel more tat 15 miles to pick up an old dryer if it is not working because they feel that they will be losing money.

So remember to seek out companies or individuals who have the knowledge to fix appliances or who would need your appliances for spare parts. You can do a search online for “apppliance pick up” or “free appliance pickup” to get an idea of who to choose. The key is to list as much information as you can about your appliances so that people will want to come and pick them up for free.

This example shows the value of a washer and dryer only. In my next article I will explain the value of an old and broken refrigerator. You will be surprised to know that even a refrigerator can be picked up for free.

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